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On a boat, comfort is of paramount importance. In order to enjoy a pleasant maritime experience, it is imperative to ensure that the level of comfort is optimal.

In order to ensure that passengers are comfortable, it is important to choose quality cushions for both the interior and exterior of the boat.

Cushions are not only practical for everyone’s comfort, they are also essential for the aesthetics of your boat.

Decorative cushions are a great way to personalize the inside of your yacht, adding colour, texture and style to the space.

It is important to consider the choice of cushions and their covers on your boat as this can greatly influence the sailing experience by adding style, comfort and customization, ensuring a pleasant, stylish and functional living environment on board your boat.

Whether you are in Genoa, Imperia, Sanremo, Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Mandelieu, La Ciotat, Marseille or Barcelona, Pascal Bruno Marine will come to you and offer you its customized marine upholstery services.

The different cushions on board your yacht 


Whether for the seat, the backrest or as a decorative element, cushions are an essential element to feel good on your boat and make the most of moments at sea.


There are cushions specially designed for outdoor use, to provide perfect comfort for passengers who wish to relax in the open air and enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

There are different types of outdoor cushions.

There are deck cushions or sunbathing cushions, lounger cushions, seat cushions, bench cushions, cockpit cushions which are specially designed for the comfort of the pilot.

The use of cushions for the exterior of yachts creates a comfortable relaxation area for you and your passengers, thus contributing to a pleasant atmosphere at sea.

All these seats and backrests, in order to ensure the well-being of the passengers and the pilot, must be made with quality cushions.

This is what PBM offers you with cushions specially designed for external use, made with foam and resistant fabric (Sunbrella fabric) suitable for outdoor use, a guarantee of quality.


Yacht interior cushions are an important element in creating a welcoming, comfortable and stylish living space on board your boat.

There are several types of yacht interior cushions, each with a specific function.

There are seats, sofas, bench seats, saloon areas, or cushions used on berths and beds.

Cushions can be made from a variety of materials, such as velvet, vinyle, cotton, polyester, leather, acrylic and many others, offering comfortable and soft touch support from quality and durable materials.

They are essential to provide a sense of well-being on board your yacht, bringing a touch of comfort and luxury to your interior living space.

Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your project.


Cushions are the essential decorative element for creating a customized atmosphere, both inside and outside your yacht, being the key decorative element for shaping the style and atmosphere of your choice.

Cushions are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and styles to suit all tastes and needs.

Whether you are looking for synthetic leather cushions for a more contemporary feel, velvet cushions for a more classic style, or cotton cushions for a touch of softness, you will find options to suit your yacht.

Finally, boat cushions can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Experts in upholstery, such as PBM, can create bespoke cushions to fit perfectly with your chairs and sofas, or to meet particular comfort and style requirements.

With customization, it is easy to add color, texture and character to a living space, creating a more pleasant and welcoming environment for passengers.

Pascal Bruno Marine offers a selection of brands from world-renowned fabric manufacturers, with several thousand references.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, and create your decoration by combining different elements according to your preferences. In addition to this, you can add an extra finishing touch by using piping, for example.

We offer aesthetically pleasing fasteners with a relevant positioning on the boat’s hull.

Also, we attach importance to the finishing touches, which hide the zips or integrate the fasteners into the design of the chair or sunbed.

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How to choose cushions for your boat?

When choosing cushions for your yacht, there are several factors to consider, including the space available on board for a precise and functional fit, the intended use, the durability of the materials to withstand marine conditions and the look of your boat to create a harmonious whole.

Keep these features in mind when choosing cushions for your yacht.


It is ideal to have these cushions and cushion covers made to measure.

Yachts can have unique and special sizes, and bespoke design ensures a high quality finish and a perfect fit in terms of dimensions.

For more than 30 years, our upholstery company Pascal Bruno Marine has been making bespoke cushions and cushion covers to the satisfaction of its customers.

We offer a wide choice of materials and colours to match your yacht and your personal preferences.

We offer a service :

  • High quality
  • bespoke
  • handmade
  • Made in France

You can customize your cushion covers and cushions by choosing the size, shape, material and color, according to your wishes and needs.

Learn more about our bespoke services.


Sailing in a marine environment requires the use of specific materials which must be robust, weather resistant, durable and easy to maintain to cope with the constraints of the nautical environment.

The material of the cushion cover and the foam is different according to its use.

For outdoor boat cushions, it is important to select a foam and cushion cover that is specially designed to endure the weather.

For interior cushions, it is best to choose a quality foam such as bultex, high resilience or polyether depending on your needs. You also have the option of choosing feathers that are suitable for the humid environment.

It is essential to check that the products you choose have the following characteristics:

  • Resistant to mildew
  • UVB protected, which preserves colour and delays fading
  • Resistant to stains (sun cream, wine, etc.)
  • Resistant to sea water
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to clean: removable and machine washable
  • Water-repellent and rustproof zips
  • Strong seams, made with adapted and very resistant thread

By respecting these selection criteria, you will obtain a quality product that will have an increased longevity.

Our PBM marine upholstery attaches importance to these quality requirements and offers you cushions that you will be able to keep for many years, while benefiting from superior quality finishes for a more luxurious design.


By choosing the appropriate cushions for your yacht, you can create a pleasant, functional and elegant living environment on board your vessel.

To prolong the life of your cushions and avoid additional costs associated with their deterioration, it is recommended that you choose high quality cushions made from durable materials. In addition, cushions can be used to create various relaxation areas on your boat, providing a range of choices for your guests and improving their comfort.

Ultimately, the importance of cushions on your boat should not be underestimated. They offer extra comfort and they can also add a personal, unique and stylish touch to your living space at sea, enhancing the overall sailing experience for you and your guests.

If you are looking for new cushions on board your boat, for a refit or a change of decoration, don’t hesitate to call our marine upholstery company Pascal Bruno Marine to discuss your project.

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