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About PVC and Top Coatings

Quality PVC (ie Stamoid from Serge Ferrari) used in boat protection covers for example, is covered by a thin layer of protection coating and varnish called the “topcoat”. The topcoat is the part of the vinyl you can see and touch. It protects the fabric against UV, moisture, bacteria, stains. Therefore under no circumstances, should anyone use an abrasive cleaner or any cleaner with a solvent base. Solvents and/or abrasives can destroy the protective topcoat and decrease the expected lifespan of your fabrics.


Our best tips:

1 – Spread the fabric out on a flat surface. Dampen the fabric with clean water.
Spray on Ferrari® Clean or IMAR™ STAMOID® Marine Vinyl Cleaner #603 or  add a diluted solution of gentle liquid soap  .

2 – Leave to act for 2 or 3 minutes according to degree of dirt.

3 – Use a natural bristle brush to brush out to the edges. Do not grind the bristles into the fabric.

4 – Rinse with a lot of clean water to remove all traces of the soapy solution. If the product comes in contact with other materials, rinse immediately.

5 – In case of severe dirt and grime, repeat the cleaning process. A solution of 10% bleach can be brushed onto the fabric to kill any mildew spores that may have remained.

6 – Repeat steps 1 to 5 on the reverse side of the fabric.

7 – Hang up the Stamoid® Marine fabric and leave until completely dry.

8 – As soon as the textile is completely dry, you can put it back in place to protect your boat.