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Are you looking for a high quality protective cover for your yacht or your boat accessories?


Pascal Bruno Marine answers your needs and offers you a wide range of custom-made and personalized covers.


With more than 30 years of experience, PBM will be able to advise and support you, from measuring to installation, to ensure your peace of mind and meet your expectations.


A good quality cover is essential to protect your boat from water, salt, the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, dust and shocks.


We manufacture  premium quality with bespoke design maximizing waterproofness, UV protection and user friendly installation.


All our covers have the advantage of being easy to handle and store.


For the design of our protection covers, we propose only high quality materials offering the best technical performance.


We can create any type of cover, from tables to chairs, ,from sun beds to jacuzzi from tenders to any kind of boat equipment.


Our technicians are experts in their field and will be happy to take care of your project.


Our company is involved in France and in Europe.


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Benefit from a unique know-how for a product of excellence:

  • Handmade
  • Custom made
  • Handcrafted quality


PMB offers you boat covers of artisanal quality.


Handmade in France, we meet your needs with care.


Our covers are made to measure.


They can be adapted to any size of boat or accessories. The dimensions will be adjusted perfectly for a unique and beautiful result, which will preserve the elegance of your yacht.


Customization ensures that you get a cover that perfectly fits the shape of your equipment. With our covers, your boat keeps a beautiful design.


We put our craftsmanship and experience at your service to guarantee the perfection of your product.




You can choose from a wide range of colors to suit your personal preferences and the characteristics of your yacht.


The color of your protective cover is designed for:

  • Last over time
  • Resist weather
  • Resist UV rays, do not fade
  • Match with the yacht color




PBM offers you only the best for your products.


 ➟ Optimal protection


To better protect your equipment, our covers  provide :


  • Waterproofness
  • Perfect mold resistance
  • Full UV protection
  • Excellent fixation to resist to strong winds
  • Lined to prevent abrasion of protected furniture


Lining our covers from the inside protects your furniture from possible abrasion due to the rubbing of the tarpaulin. This lining is hand-sewn with a soft, abrasion-resistant material.


Your paint, varnish, stainless steel or the fabric of your cushions and mattresses are protected, thus avoiding any scratches on the furniture or deterioration of the fabrics.


This increases the longevity of your equipment.


 ➟ High quality materials


We make a rigorous selection of the materials with which we make your products.


Aware that the quality of the material used is essential to evolve in the yachting world, the materials proposed are:

  • Sustainable
  • Resistants
  • Easy to use and maintain


The materials we work with have proven themselves, they offer you performance and resistance.


You can keep your cover for several years, from 5 to 10 years.


The closing zips


They are made of extremely resistant composite materials :

  • Do not oxidize
  • Resistant to sea water
  • UV resistant
  • Aceta teeth and slider
  • Easier to open and close


The thread for sewing


We only use special high quality threads, designed to be very resistant to the marine environment.


The quality of our threads allows a perfect finish and gives the seams great strength.


They are completed with a hydrophobic finish, which allows for waterproof seams.


The threads are available in several colors to better match with the fabric.


 ➟ user friendly covers


PBM is listening to the crew needs, that’s why our tarpaulins are designed and made to be easy to install and uninstall, so this operation is not tiring or time cousuming.


This is made possible by the materials used which are flexible and lightweight.


Also, our elastic based fastening system, designed to be very quick and easy to put on and take off.


This results in:


  • Time saving
  • Improved crew productivity/efficiency
  • Less fatigue
  • Convenient to manage in case of emergency


Ease of maintenance


Our covers are easy to maintain.


Simply moisten the fabric, spray with the appropriate product (we recommend the Serge Ferrari products), rub with a natural bristle brush and rinse with clear water.


Learn more about cleaning cover.



In order to keep your outdoor furniture as long as possible, it is important to protect it with a cover, especially during periods of downtime, whether short or long.


This way you can enjoy your furniture and it will preserve its original quality.


Our custom-made covers will give your furniture an unparalleled aesthetic design.



We make custom-made covers for your dinghies.


Whether it is for winter storage or for transporting your boat, our custom-made covers will fit your tender perfectly and provide optimum protection.



We make covers for all kinds of everyday items that need protection when not in use.


From Sun Deck sofas to console covers, gym equipment to jet skis, whatever your need, we can provide it, our covers will fit all sizes.

PBM’s interest is to bring protection and serenity to its customers.


We offer top of the range products and know-how, which allows us to offer you the very best of marine fabric technology for better protection.


The use of stronger and more durable fabrics, such as Stamoid composite membranes, which are extremely UV resistant, waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean, have proven to be very successful and have delighted all of our customers, be the next one.





It is important to create shaded areas on your yacht for your comfort and to enjoy the view out of the harsh sun.

PBM manufactures awnings, bimini tops, flybridge tops and flybridge biminis. They are customizable with a wide choice of colors and shapes available.


Learn more about awnings.



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