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Yacht and Boat awnings


Awnings and curtains on board Superyachts play a major role  to ensure guest comfort both in terms of heat and UV sunburn protection. The design of the awning itself is what gives the boat her identity, and the complementarity of styling between awnings, cushions and fabrics allows the crew and guests to sail in style and comfort.


All of our products are custom made and handcrafted by our upholsters.


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boat awnings



We make your boat awnings to measure. This ensures that you get a product that meets your expectations and a superior quality product.


The boat cover allows you to protect yourself from the sun when you are at your cockpit and thus spend a pleasant time with your family and guests on board your ship.


We offer you :

  • Custom made design
  • Handmade work
  • Top of the range quality


PBM’s custom made work is a guarantee of quality, durability and comfort.


For the boat that has specific dimension requests, templates can be saved in our digital archives.


 ➟ Wide range of colors and design options


We provide a wide range of colors and design options for your boat awnings, that will perfectly match your cushion covers, toweling or any outside and inside accessories and preexisting designs.


The expert craftsmanship of our upholsterers allows for perfect fit and finish and very strong products.



To have an optimal time enjoying your yacht, it is important to create shaded areas on your ship, like on the deck for example with our bimini tops, flybridge tops and flybridge biminis.


PBM offers you premium quality, custom-made shade sails. They are handcrafted by our experienced upholsters specialists who have extensive experience in the manufacture of products for the yachting environment.


Our shade sails, awnings, bimini tops, flybridge tops and flybridge biminis will fit perfectly to the vessel’s outline to give it a unique and elegant design.


Our sails are made of composite materials that are extremely resistant to the sun and its UV rays. They can be waterproof.


Sun awning are customizable, you have a wide choice of sailcloth color. The shape of the sails is also customizable thanks to the bespoke manufacture, which allows you to have a sophisticated design for your yacht.



Boat awning upholstery requires wide marine and cruise experience. Boat awnings are exposed to wind, sun, UV, water and moisture. Therefore, the quality of the fabric and finish are critical aspects that directly contribute to the durability of the product in the marine environment.


We care about durability, eye-pleasing designs, comfort and cleaning options for your boat covers. That’s why we use only the best durable fabrics and technical innovations.


To improve comfort at board, PBM offer you micro-perforated waterproof stainless fabric that lets air through while blocking heat and protecting from the elements.

This stainless fabric also filters natural light and helps keep the view through, in an effort to keep the outdoor space open and comfortable.

On top of mesh fabrics PBM propose plain waterproof fabric such as Stamoid PVC or Sunbrella coated acrylic.


At PBM, we offer only the highest quality products for the yachting environment. Our products are resistant and last over time.


The canvas we offer is made of acrylic fabric (Sunbrella plus range) and PVC (Stamoid, Soltis).


There are two levels of opening.


The opening levels have an impact on the degree of protection against the sun’s rays.


We mainly use PVC mesh fabric. For example Serge Ferrari such as Soltis 86 with 14% opening, or Soltis 92 with 4% opening.


The Soltis series offer dimensional stability, mechanical strength, coating thickness and flatness. They are UV resistant and easy to clean.


Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the choice of fabrics.





Over the past 30 years, Pascal Bruno’s upholsters team has developed and acquired specific technical know-how in the field of marine upholstery and the design of durable boat awnings.


Our craftsmen have become experts in identifying stress points, custom mast attachment systems and multi-layer construction to create a unique product to fit your needs.


Our boat covers can be attached to any mounting system. We can therefore easily make a replacement. We can make the fittings.



If you are looking for wind and windscreen protections to improve comfort on bord, PBM offers a wide range of products for the exterior of your yacht.


Our products will meet your needs and expectations.


Our range of boat awning coverings includes boat and deck awnings, but also sail shades, windbreakers and windscreen protections. We can meet all types of specific needs, such as custom geometries, and any other outdoor space on board.


Learn more about windbreakers and windscreen protections.


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