The confectionary experience and unique skills of our upholsterers will satisfy the most demanding customers and designers, both in terms of quality and punctual delivery time.


You need cushion covers or cushions for a sofa, a bench seat, a seat for your yacht or its tender, or simply want to redecorate your boat, whether it is for a renovation or a creation, we will address your request with the greatest attention.


From the relaxation area to the work area, the bespoke realization made by our expert upholstery is the assurance of your satisfaction.


PBM equips your yacht with top of the range nautical cushions and cushion covers that we manufacture to measure.


Take advantage of our 30 year expertise in yacht upholstery to manage your project.


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Take advantage of our unique tailor-made expertise to get a product of excellence.


We offer you :


  • Custom made design
  • Handmade work
  • Top of the range quality


Made in France in our workshop in Antibes.


Our team ensures high and craftsmanship for your cushions and covers.


The knowledge and the know-how of our upholsters guarantees you quality services that meet your needs and desires.


Custom made cushion covers


Our covers are handmade, from the conception of the product to its final realization.


Our tailor-made covers ensure you a quality, aesthetic rendering, with high-end finishes down to the smallest detail.


Creation of bespoke cushions


We can also create the cushion in its entirety.


Our upholsterers, experts in their field, work the foam, make it come to life by giving it the desired shape, from taking the measurements to cutting, they make your cushions according to your requirements.


Whatever the shape and size of your cushion, their meticulous work ensures that you get a unique product that meets your expectations.




High technical performances


We are fully aware that evolving in the yachting world requires specific materials.


They must be strong, weatherproof, must last over time and be easy to maintain to withstand the elements to which they may be exposed.


That’s why PBM is striving to provide you with only the best materials that meet all its quality criteria.


Our covers are perfectly suited for outdoor use and marine environment:


  • Long lasting
  • Mildew and stain resistant fabric
  • Compliant to fire standards (IMO)
  • Easy drying thanks to dryful foam
  • Easy to clean: our covers are removable and machine washable.


The closing zips


The covers are removable by closing zips. They are made of extremely resistant composite materials.


  • Acetal teeth and slider
  • Do not oxidize
  • Sea water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easier to open and close


Optimized thread quality


PBM only use high and polyester threads ensuring high seam strength and perfect stitch formation.


They are very resistant to the marine climate.


The quality of our threads allows a perfect finish and gives the seams great strength.


They are completed with a hydrophobic finish, which allows for waterproof seams.


The threads are available in several colors better match the fabric.


The different materials used


PMB offers a wide selection of materials to make your cushion covers.


  • Acrylic Fabrics
  • Cotton toweling fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Leather (interior use)


Vinyl has the advantage of being a hard wearing and more resistant material.


These choices are interesting for tender cushions, which are more exposed to the conditions of nautical life.


Whether it is acrylic or vinyl, your tender will have an elegant and modern design.


We also propose to make your cover in toweling fabric which comfortable and machine washable.


The choice of materials will mainly depend of comfort and design expectations, and also depend of your usage.


We only work with brands that guarantee durability, comfort and a quality product.


Thanks to our rigorous selection of the materials used, which have proven their worth, you can benefit from a product that combines technical performance and aesthetics.


Pillows and textile decoration


Flagship element of decoration to personalize your yacht, PBM’s signature pillows will dress your boat in an aesthetic way for an exclusive and sophisticated look.


PBM makes decorative pillows, which you can install inside and outside.


For your greatest pleasure, that of your family and friends, create the atmosphere that suits you aboard your yacht.


Our premium cushions will enhance your comfort and well-being with the style that suits you.

cushions boat
bespoke cushions yacht
custom cushions boat


                                ➟ To go further : bespoke mattresses for the crew


                                         PBM makes your mattresses to measure for the cabin beds.

                                         They are handmade by our saddlers.


                                          Learn more about our custom mattresses.




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