At PBM, we manufacture custom-made boat cabin mattresses for your yacht’s crew. The quality of sleep is important and depends largely on the mattress on which you sleep. To sleep well you need quality bedding on your yacht.


We contribute to improve the quality of sleep for your crew. Our expertise is based on our 30 years of experience in advising each customer. We adapt to each request so that you are completely satisfied with our products.


Our team makes your crew mattress to measure. We take the measurements, cut the foam, and also make the ticking and the over-mattress. Thus, your bed is personalized to guarantee you a supreme comfort to sleep well.


You will have the choice between several foam mattresses, but also the choice on the firmness and the resilience of those.


We offer you the best materials so that your mattresses last as long as possible without needing to be changed. This will provide more hygiene and comfort for your crew members.


Durability, comfort, choice, resilience, are the key words adopted by our craftsmen and the objectives they achieve every day.


To make your nights on board your boat serene and comfortable, please contact PBM.

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yacht mattress
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For the manufacture of your mattresses we use high quality foam. Comfort and durability are two essential criteria for this type of bedding.


 ➟ High resilience foam


The high resilience is a polyurethane foam. It has a great elasticity of reaction for a better comfort. The more resilient a mattress is, the better its quality will be and the longer it will last.


Our handcrafted and custom-made work allows you to get all shapes and sizes of mattresses. Whatever the design and your needs, we will meet them.


 ➟ Lightness


The high resilience foam has the advantage of being lightweight compared to latex or pocket springs. The mattress is therefore easy to handle and brings you a weight saving on your boat.


 ➟ Firmness


We realize the importance of a mattress when we sleep badly in a bed. With time, and to avoid back pain, we can advise you about the type of firmness you need to avoid pain.


There are three different types of firmness to this foam, which we measure by Kpa units, ranging from 3.0, to ‘semi-firm’ 3.8 Kpa, to ‘firm’ 4,4 Kpa.


However, based on our many years of experience, we recommend that you use a 3.8 KPA foam, a “semi-firm” mattress, as this is the preferred choice of many of the crews we have worked with.


It is critical to test the foam of the bed before making any decision. Sample mattresses are available for testing.


 ➟ Oeko-Tex 100


Okeo-Tex is an ecological label. This international label means that the finished product is free of substances harmful to health.


All our high resilience foams are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which ensures that the mattress is free of pesticide residues and heavy metals.


Also, our foams meet fire resistance standards.


Upon request, we can also provide IMO certified foams.



In addition to the manufacture of mattresses, they have various protections to optimize comfort and hygiene. PBM offers you the choice to adopt different types of fabrics but also a breathable technology that prevents moisture for a better breathing of your mattress.


Each mattress has its own protection. In particular the ticking and the Airspace 3D anti-humidity.


The ticking


The ticking (coutil in French term) is a fabric used to cover the mattress : it is a final and outer cover of a mattress.


Its purpose is to act as a kind of “protector”. Breathable, it can also provide additional comfort. Indeed, its thickness can vary to offer the comfort desired by the users.


At PBM, our team offers Pullman fabric or Honeycomb Jersey fabric. Crew members prefer Pullman fabric because it is very thick. However, the Honeycomb Jersey fabric is thinner and more economical while fulfilling its protective role perfectly.


Ticking is closed by zip which makes it easy to put on and take off. It is machine washable.


On demand, fire retardant surface treatment is possible.


Airspace 3D anti-humidity


It is essential to maintain our bedding and to protect it from moisture on a daily basis.


Airspace 3D anti-moisture is a breathable fabric of 3mm which is used in all PBM mattresses.


The advantage of this fabric is that the air circulates freely throughout the day and night, allowing the moisture produced by the body to dry quickly and eliminate condensation.




Pascal Bruno Marine is proposes to improve confort. One of our specialities is over-mattresses.


Very useful to protect the mattress, to limit the proliferation of bacteria and smells, the overmattress allows to increase the lifetime of your mattress.


The over-mattresses are handmade by our craftsmen and are made to measure. We are able to adapt to all sizes and shapes desired.


They are made from memory foam.


The memory foam fis perfectly the morphology of the users and ensures optimal comfort. This kind of foam allows you to considerably improve your comfort level without changing your mattress, especially if it is a little too firm. It is attached by elastic straps to each corner of the mattress.


Memory foam mattress toppers are made of viscoelastic, thermosensitive and polyurethane foam.


Other types of foam can also be used, such as soft high resilience foam, which are soft. The most common thickness is 3 to 5 cm.




The undersheets are made to measure and sewed by hand.


The undersheet provides airtight protection to your mattress in the event of a leak. This type of mattress protector will have a PU side which will be placed towards the inside of the mattress.


The undersheet is then positioned above the mattress, or above the overmattress, providing you have one. It can be fixed either with elastics or with elastic straps.




On request, we can provide high quality bespoke guest mattresses (like latex mattresses), made with pocket springs or hybrid mattresses with different foam blends and layers plus pocket springs.


We take the measurements on board your yacht, and send the template to the mattress specialist highend.




PBM makes custom cushions and cushion covers. Our team of upholsterers makes them by hand for a perfect finish.

Learn more about cushions and cushion covers.



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