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Pascal Bruno Marine manufactures high quality wall and ceiling panels for your yacht’s interior.


If you wish to renovate your yacht’s interior wall and ceiling panels, or renew your boat’s wall decoration, trust the expertise of PBM’s upholsterers specialists and their 30 years of experience in marine upholstery.


Deck head wall is a wall coverings for vessel interiors composed of a set of panels or tiles made of wood or composite material

that are placed on the inner hull of the boat. A foam is glued or laid on the panel and then covered with a coating.


This covering can be of the material of your choice: fabric, vinyl, Skaï, leather, etc…


You can install our wall and ceiling panels in your interior cabin, salons, corridors, etc…


Moreover, these wall and ceiling panels can be replaced if you wish a new look for your ship to match with your interior design and accessories.


The lining enhances the interior structure of the boat. It can have a slight thermal and phonic insulation function, but its first goal is the aesthetics of your interior cabin.


Our company can carryout such projects in south of France, Italy, Spain and Germany, NL.


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The wall and ceiling panels of your yacht can be customized and reflect the style of your choice.

In our marine upholstery workshop we manufacture all our product to measure, including your wall and ceiling panels, which provides you with a premium quality product. We do a very precise work in getting the panels to fit perfectly.


We offer you products :


  • Made to measure
  • Handcrafted
  • Of premium quality
  • Made in France


Our system of panel mounting and the bespoke wall and ceiling panels ensures that you get perfect finishes that fit the shape of the area to be covered : curved or not, PBM will adapt to the interior of your cabin and your boat.


Pascal Bruno Marine offering wide range of custom solutions for yacht and super yacht.


Wide choice of colors


Walls and ceilings contribute to the interior style of your boat.


That’s why a range of colors is available to change the coating of your ship. This way, the lining conforms to the decoration and style of your interior for a unique and personalized design.


Selection of the material


We mainly use vinyl for the renovation of the interior wall covering of yachts.


Wall and ceiling panels can have the design of your choice to match your existing decoration or your expectations.


Choose from a wide range of styles. The cladding’s walls and ceilings can be vinyl, leather or fabric.




Resistant materials


The installation of ceiling and wall panels has an aesthetic intent but also a functional one. Indeed, in the interior of your yacht it is important to avoid the appearance of mold and condensation.


This is why Pascal Bruno Marine offers to make or remake your boat lining, materials and garnishes of very high quality that have proven themselves for the nautical environment.


Whatever your choice of material, calling on PBM for the realization and the installation of your boat deck end wall is to ensure you a top-of-the-range service.


Durable materials and easy maintenance


For your comfort and tranquility, the boat fittings that we make and install on board your yacht is a product that has a very good resistance to aging.


Our upholstery solutions are easy to clean and maintain, which contributes to their durability.


Lightweight materials


The material used for our wall and ceiling panels is a light weight ceiling and wall panelling.


The lightness of the materials installed on board your ship is a great advantage to take into account when choosing materials.


At PBM we know the yachting environment, that’s why we offer you light weight and high quality products.




Our team of upholsters carefully and meticulously crafts the upholstery of your boat. The installation of the wall and ceiling panels is executed in a clean and professional way.


We are at your listening to take in consideration your needs of renovation, and we work in collaboration with the interior designers.


Our company Pascal bruno Marine is committed to respecting the delivery deadlines fixed at the time of your order.




During the entire restoration or installation of your PVC wall and ceiling panel, it is important to protect the floors of your yacht from any damage caused by falling objects or splashes of products such as glue for example.


Pascal Bruno Marine manufactures flooring protections especially designed for this type of worksite.


Our floor runners are custom-made and handcrafted by our upholsterers.


Learn more about floor runners.






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